20 Reasons To Practice Babywearing

20 Reasons To Practice Babywearing

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My babies wanted to be held all the time… and that was just fine with me!

The only problem was that my chores weren’t waiting for me to have a free hand. There was still laundry to do, dust bunnies to chase, and meals to make.

So what’s a momma to do?

My solution was to go old school and wear my babies. And now that I’ve tried it, I can’t imagine functioning as a stay at home mom without my infant snuggled up against me.

Not only does babywearing provide a great bonding time with your new baby, but it’s a a true sanity saver as well! Happy baby + completed chores = happy momma!

If you haven’t given babywearing a try, you definitely need to – and here’s why you should:

1 . Extra cuddle time!

No one looks back at their time with their babies and says “man, I cuddled my baby way too much”! So go ahead and grab all the cuddles you can!

2 . Provides comfort for a colicy infant

My first child, Miss C, had colic. Tthere was only two things that helped to soothe her: truck rides in daddy’s jacked up diesel truck and being in her Moby Wrap.

Side note: she was also the catalyst that turned us into a cosleeping family.

3 . Supports a cosleeping lifestyle

My babies never wanted anything to do with cribs or playpens. They only slept when momma was right with them. Sadly, momma can’t always drop everything for a nap.

Babywearing solved that dilemma!

4 . Enjoy the 4th trimester… say whaaat?

Being a baby outside the womb takes a little bit of adjustment (for baby and mom). Those first couple of months are often referred to as the fourth trimester.

During this time mom is getting used to having her body back to herself (except for the whole breastfeeding thing) and baby is getting used to being in this big noisy world. So extra cuddles are great medicine for mom and baby!

5 . Makes more time for housework

Okay, I know this isn’t necessarily worth cheering for, but it is one of the benefits of wearing your baby. Having two free hands mean lots of dishes can be washed and floors cleaned!

6 . Makes time for schoolwork

Whether you are a homeschooling family or not, there is always schoolwork to be done. It can be challenging to go over digraphs and addition with your 6 year old while your baby is fussing and vying for your attention in the next room.

Solution = tuck baby into your baby wrap and get yo’ school on momma!

7 . Hands free for everything!

Babywearing lets you be hands free for phone calls, texts, crafting, reading, cooking, talking (my Italian friends agree with me here here!), resting…

See… everything!

8 . Ability to work at home

Whatever your side hustle is as a stay at home momma, whether it is office work, taking online surveys, baking, blogging… babywearing will help you sneak in a little money making time.

9 . Enjoy the outdoors

Enjoying the outdoors with your family is so much easier without having to lug around a stroller!

10 . Save room in the car

You can wrap up your wrap (oh that was fun to say) and toss it in your diaper bag (or backpack), as opposed to squeezing the stroller in to your trunk.

11 . Drama-free potty trips 

Not sure if this is just me or not, but I always have to pee as soon as my baby falls asleep in my arms (tmi). Then when I try to put him down as quietly as a ninja, he wakes up… and I still have to pee!

Another problem solved by babywearing! Baby stays asleep while mom sneaks off to the bathroom.

12 . Leave the carseat in the car 

I despise lugging around those bulky infant carseats. I’m forever smacking my calves with them or knocking store displays over.

13 . Easy peasy breastfeeding

Baby wearing provides hands free breastfeeding (simply re-position baby to be at breast level), as well as privacy while feeding (no worries of public nip-slips).

14 . Easy food shopping trips

No more space hogging carseat in the kiddie seat of the grocery buggy… not to mention the eternal struggle to latch the seat into the buggy!

I don’t know about you, but I need every inch of the cart to sort out my two week grocery haul. I like my cold items separated from my dry and both of those separated from my cleaning products

15 . Be part of a long tradition

Women have been wearing their babies for generations. Nowadays we are very fortunate that we are not out plowing fields and picking crops with our young babies strapped on our backs.

But if wearing babies is helpful to the women working the fields, it is certainly helpful to us mommas today as we cruise around the grocery store!

16 . Encourage social development

The more language you can expose your children to the better it is for their social development. And what better way than to have them right in the middle of mom’s conversations?

You know they’re going to end up their in the middle of your conversations as soon as they can talk anyway!

17 . Ease baby-social anxiety

Being on the other side of momma’s womb can be a scary place. There’s bright lights, loud noises, and new faces… lots of new faces.

Most babies are not fans of people getting in their personal space and oogling over their adorableness. It’s too much, too soon.

But being tucked in close to mom makes it all a little more bearable.

18 . Covers post-baby belly!

Unless you are one of those super moms that look faboo as soon as you leave the hospital, you are probably feeling self conscious of your new mom-pooch (a long term solution is to give Paleo a try!).

A great temporary disguise can be found in baby wearing… it’s like a girdle, security blanket, and baby carrier all wrapped into one!

19 . Easy swaddling

No need to struggle to keep your wiggly baby swaddled! The wrap let’s baby be held and swaddled… it’s a win-win.

20. Affordable

A new baby wrap will cost around $40 to $50. That might seem like a lot of cheese for us single income families, but let’s break it down:

A new infant stroller can easily cost upwards of $100.

Then there’s the baby swing (to give the same comfort as walking around with mom), and those are at least $80.

That’s 180 buckeroos!

So $50 for a multitasking tool (and you know I’m not a fan of unitaskers – thank you Alton Brown!) is a reasonable investment!

Which wrap should you choose?

There are a few styles of baby carriers to pick from. Be sure to check out my reviews on the most popular styles!

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