About Me

About Me

Stay at home momma. Christian. Child wrangler. Housewife. Homeschool teacher. Home Financial Manager. Baker. Blogger. Book lover. Paleo eating, Hashimoto’s livin’ momma.

These are just some of the many little hats I wear during my days as a stay at home momma in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania. The daily operations of our home life is in my hands, while my hubby, Big L, works in construction. Together, we have two youngins, Miss C (6) and Bubby (2).

I take my Stay At Home Mom title pretty seriously. But it took me a little while to get comfortable with the new stay-at-home-mom-life… I had to change my focus from being productive outside the home, to being productive inside the home. And I am not a fan of change. But, I’m not afraid to do things differently than most everyone around me. And most of the women that I knew were going to work a few weeks after their babies were born. So I started thinking that maybe I could do this stay at home mom thing.

In the beginning I felt frustrated and helpless when it came to our finances. I wasn’t putting any money into our bank account, but I was still buying groceries and paying bills with said bank account. I was stuck in the mindset that the only way I could help Big L provide for our family was to work outside the home and make deposits in the bank account. But at the same time, I knew that I wanted to be our children’s daily caregiver (and eventually that snowballed into homeschooling them too).

So I started to look for ways to be as productive and positive as I could during my days at home. My hubby was a huge help in this. He was (and is) always quick to affirm me and my homemaking skills. And who doesn’t love having getting a pat on the back (butt) from their hubby?!

The kitchen is the central point of our home, everybody congregates there to start and end their day. So with my newfound energy and determination, I grabbed the reigns and got to work. I organized all of my recipes into binders, and made a central command area to organize bills and meals. You see, there’s plenty of work to do at home, you just have to take your ideas from the proverbial back burner and dig in.

As the Household Financial Manager, I make sure all of the bills are paid and household documents are well organized. Big L’s check is the only constant flow of money that keeps our house afloat, so I make sure we are getting the most out of it. That means living a frugal, but enjoyable lifestyle. I do that with budget friendly meals and saving money in everyday situations. My methods aren’t always Pinterest-perfect, but they work!

And then there’s my homeschool teacher hat. This one took both Big L and I by surprise. Neither of us were homeschooled, and we didn’t have any family members that were homeschooled. But when God put it on my heart to do preschool at home, I knew I was hooked. We have done two years of preschool and are working on Kindergarten right now.

In all of our (awesome) chaos, I was diagnosed with with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2013. I have since learned to manage my Hashi’s as a stay at home mom through a gluten free and (newly) paleo lifestyle and thyroid medication. Having an autoimmune disease isn’t easy by any means. But I’ve learned that as long I fill my body with real food (you know the stuff on the perimeter of the grocery store), my whole household runs a whole lot smoother.

I love sharing our Christian family centered lifestyle and frugal ways with other people, and that’s where this blog grew from. I’m so grateful that you have stopped by to check it out!

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Now let me throw some family pics at ya…

Me (Momma C), and my hubby (Big L) on a much needed beach vacation
Momma C, Big L, Miss C, and Bubby, and (not our) dog – thanks unknown guy on the beach for snapping this sweet family pic!
Bubby and Miss C

The Industrious Momma, providing for the heart and home.