Gifts For The Stay At Home Mom

Gifts For The Stay At Home Mom

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, I am able to collect a commission if you make a purchase through the link. I only include links for products that me and my family actually use and endorse. 

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the momma in your life?

I’ve compiled a list of 20 slightly random, but totally useful gifts that are perfect for the homeschooling and stay at home mom!

1 – Coffee Mug

Mom fuel must have: cute coffee mugs!

2 – Coffee Maker

What good is that cute mug without some mom fuel to put in it?

I personally stick with the classic Mr. Coffee coffee makers. They are cheap and easy to find replacement carafes for.

I did splurge on my last purchase and went for the coffee maker with a timer on it… and I’m never going back!

Check it out here!

3 – Laser Printer

I told you this list was somewhat random!

But seriously this is the best piece of technology I have have as a homeschool mom. One toner cartridge prints more than all of the inkjet cartridges I have bought in the last 6 years!

It’s great for printing worksheets, diy planners, family documents, and craft pages!

For about $100 it will be the gift that keeps on giving! (and no more $50 ink cartridges!)

4 – Planner

Being a SAHM is a full time job – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

And every working momma needs a planner to keep her days running smoothly and on time!

This purse sized planner is great for all mommas.

For homeschool mommas I recommend The Industrious Momma’s Laid Back Homeschool Planner! It’s perfect for organizing your entire homeschool year – from planning to following through, it’s got what you need!

Grab your FREE download below!

5 – Post-It Notes

Sticky notes are a life saver in my home! I use them for everything from bill planning to my to-do list and shopping lists.

I know the mom in your life will put a pack of fun colored Post-It Notes to good use!

6 – Sharpies

Help mom color coordinate her schedule and Sticky Meal Planner with a big pack of permanent markers! Such pretty colors!

7 – Whiteboard Calendar

Another great mom-helper!

An easy way to keep track of every thing mom does to keep the household running smoothly.

8 – Desk Organizer

Add a pop of color to mom’s desk with one of these desk organizing sets!

9 – A New Book

Give mom a new read!

Below are some of my personal suggestions for the stay at home and homeschooling mommas!

10 – Candy

Chocolate… ’nuff said.

11 – Gift Certificate 

Treat mom to a little pampering!

  • A relaxing wash and style at her favorite salon – heck, even the salon inside Walmart is a treat for a tired momma.
  • Waxing at the nail salon – keep those two fuzzy caterpillars from fighting on mom’s forehead!
  • Manicure for those dishpan hands!

A gift card for Dunkin’ (or Wawa for my east coast peeps!) – a little mom fuel on the go!

12 – New Purse

Take a look at mom’s purse…

If the straps are fraying, there’s a hole (or two), and the color is wearing away, it is time for a new purse. Mom is probably going to put off getting herself a new purse because let’s face it, there’s always something more pressing to buy for the kids.

Treat her to something she uses everyday!

13 – Fire Tablet

Treat mom to a new tablet!

The Fire 8 tablet from Amazon has 32G and a very friendly price tag. (I have this same one and use it every single day!) She can read her Kindle books (and even borrow ebooks from the local library), watch her shows, scroll through Facebook, and so much more!

Amazon offers a payment plan for this item, with payments usually around $20/month. There is no credit check or application required, and the product ships with your first payment! 

14 – Apron

Every mom needs an awesome apron! Order her one of these cuties and then head over to see why aprons need to make a comeback!

15 – Freezer Meal Prep Supplies

How many times have you heard mom say she needs another set of hands?

Well here ya go! These freezer bag holders will hold the gallon sized bags open and keep them standing up. Perfect for the super organized mom who loves prepping meals ahead of time and freezing them.

16 – Car Organizer

17 – Wax Warmer

Help mom keep the house smelling fresh and clean with a stylish new wax warmer!

18 – Magazine Subscription

Sometimes it’s best to stick with the classics. There’s just something about holding a physical book or magazine that you can’t duplicate with an electronic version. Flipping through the pages, tearing out a new recipe, and dog-earring your fave article…

So give mom a real deal magazine treat in the mail every month!

19 – Headphones

Give the gift of music!

These bluetooth headphones easily go with mom while she goes about her daily chores. She can listen to her favorite music, podcast, or squeeze in an audio book while she is doing the dishes! And you gotta love the color selection!

20 – Smoothie Blender

Counter space is precious in my house, so my kitchen tools need to serve more than one purpose.

This Ninja blender does exactly that! It’s a blender, chopper, and food processor!

Grab one for the Paleo momma in your life (and be sure to check out these other Paleo kitchen staples here)!


Find gifts for the breastfeeding momma here!

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