Groundhog Day Fun

Groundhog Day Fun

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On February 2nd we will all anxiously be waiting to see Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction. Will he see his shadow and say six more weeks of winter or see no shadow and say we’ll have an early Spring? With temps dipping below 0 degrees tonight I’m really hoping it’s an early Spring…

So what’s the deal with Groundhog’s Day anyway?

It grew from a Pennsylvania Dutch folklore. And let me nerd out on you for a minute… I’m a proud Dutchie, and I’ve been itching for a chance to include my heritage in my writing! So let me start by giving you a quick background on who the Pennsylvania Dutch are:

  • We are actually German descendants, not Dutch (Deutsche was mistaken for Dutch).
  • We are raised to be very frugal in all aspects of our life (we are c-h-e-a-p, with hoarding tendencies).
  • We are a superstitious lot. For generations, PA Dutch parents have passed on old wives tales to their children. And boy do we have ‘em for everything – from how to ensure your good luck to homeopathic medicinal “remedies”. You’ll see visual reminders of our superstitious nature inside and outside of our homes (a horseshoe above a doorway, hex signs on barns and houses). You might even eat one of our superstitions on New Year’s Day: pork and kraut (for good luck)!

One particular Pennsylvania Dutch folklore has caught on across the US and is now celebrated not only here, but in Canada as well. Ok, I know we can’t take full credit, I’m sure we had some help from Bill Murray and Caddyshack. That’s right, Groundhog Day!

So anyways…

Groundhog Day is a really fun holiday to celebrate with your children! They love joining in with the grown ups and making their own predictions about what Phil will see when he comes out of his home.

You can also sneak in some fun educational lessons (especially you homeschooling mommas)! Check out these fun ideas:

Groundhog Day Crafts

Dig into your frugal craft supplies and have fun making these Groundhog Day themed crafts!

Groundhog Science Lesson

Have your child do a mini research project on groundhogs and their environment, and use my FREE Groundhog Fact Sheet Printable to showcase their new knowledge!

Groundhog Math Lesson

Grab my FREE printable math worksheet! Practice charting skills and simple addition with a groundhog theme!

Fun Groundhog Day Websites

The Punxsutawney Groundhog Club:

  • You can watch the live feed on Groundhog Day here!

  • Fun groundhog facts and resources!

VisitPA’s Groundhog Day website:

Groundhog Day Children’s Books

These are great reads for the holiday! They are available for purchase as a Kindle download or paperback.

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