How To Make Money Taking Online Surveys

How To Make Money Taking Online Surveys

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I’m sure you’ve seen people who claim to make a legit by salary taking online surveys. Sorry to say, but I’m going to have to pull the b.s. card on them.

Online surveys will not bring home the bacon.

Online surveys will not replace your day job.

Online surveys will give you a sweet side hustle.

We all need a little side hustle.

There are a few different sites that offer online surveys for cash. I haven’t tried them all, in fact I’ve only tried two survey sites. The first one I tried literally only brought in pennies per survey and a chance in a raffle. Yea, no thanks.

Then I came across Amazon’s mTurk, and was thrilled with the results! Real cash deposited into your bank account or on an Amazon gift card for surveys or tasks. Yes, please!

I made $1,300 in 2017 by taking online surveys on mTurk. Aside from surveys, I also did some games and product reviews. I made enough to pay for Christmas presents for two kids as well as cover some unexpected expenses. All from my home, without taking time away from my family. How much easier can it get?

Have I piqued your interest yet? I know I have… so let me walk you through the basics of Amazon’s mTurk survey site so you can get in on some easy cash money.

The basics of mTurk (or “turking”)

There are a few terms you should be familiar with for turking to make sense.

Worker: you are the worker

Requester: the company or person who created the task

Qualifications: special clearance required from some requesters for certain tasks

Dashboard: the worker’s homepage on mTurk with vital stats

Approval rating: the percentage of approved hits (tasks) – you want to at or above 96%

Available for transfer: the most important stat – the amount of real cash money available for you to put in your bank account or Amazon gift card

HITS: the actual work that is available to the workers

How To become a turker

Step 1: Go to and select “Make Money”. 

Step 2: Log in. You can either use your established Amazon account and if you don’t have one you can create one.

What happens next is an application process. No one has really been able to figure out what magical algorithm Amazon uses to approve new workers. Some people will be approved right away, and others wait for a fews months for their acceptance email. I was fortunate to get right in. But you will need to provide your real information for Amazon to validate, such as social security number, address, and so on.

Step 3: Once you get your acceptance email that it, you’re in!

Now you will want to take a little time and get acquainted will the mTurk interface. From your dashboard you can navigate to the “Hits” page and get started accepting work!

What kind of work can you do on mTurk?

You can be as selective or open to the kinds of work you accept. I chose to do mostly surveys. Why? They paid the best for my time and I was able to easily to them during my kiddos naptime. There is also transcription work, data entry, phone calls, and much more. You will learn what work is worth your time and what kind won’t make your eyes bleed – and trust me, there are some tasks that are very repetitive and mind numbing.

Do I need to be a computer nerd to turk?

NO. I have basic computer skills and managed to navigate the turking system just fine. My advice is to creep around the advice threads on a site like . You can also download extensions to make searching for hits easier, and you’ll find tutorials to walk you through the installation step by step.

There are also sites that let you read reviews on requesters and leave your own reviews.

What can I expect to earn?

It all depends on how much time and effort you put into turking. The payout for hits start at a penny and can go upwards of $20 per hit. In the beginning of your turking experience you will not qualify for high dollar hits, and you will be limited to a certain number of hits a day for your 10 day probationary period. Once you get past that you can start batch hits (consecutive hits from the same requester – smaller payout per hit, but they allow you to do a whole bunch in a row) and higher paying hits.

I did my turking during naptime and anytime I would normally spend time on social media (like while my my hubby is watching the car auctions on tv). With that said, I would bring in $15 to $40 a week.

Go on and give it a shot!

I totally get that living on a single income can be challenging. It can leave you feeling like you are helpless in your finances – but you’re not. Even as a stay at home momma you can contribute to the household finances. Go on and take a gander at my post on thriving on a single income to find some ways to make the best of your family’s single income lifestyle.

That being said, Amazon’s mTurk is a legit side hustle for stay at home moms. If you are looking for a way to bring in a little extra scratch, with no upfront cost and no reason to leave the house, then I definitely recommend turking.

Happy turking y’all!

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