Modest Swimsuits For Girls

Modest Swimsuits For Girls

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This is by no means a body shaming post… it is simply my (and my family’s) take on maintaining Christian modesty for our daughters during swimsuit season. Okay, here we go…

Let me start by saying that dressing modestly doesn’t mean dressing frumpy.

It is totally possible to dress your girls in a swimsuit that is both cute and modest!

In my home, we teach our children to dress (and behave) modestly from an early age. Which I’ll admit must seem odd coming from heavily tatted parents. Hey, we all have our own baggage to carry as parents… but seriously, go ahead and take a look at our family’s take on modesty.

Basically, we feel that you don’t want to be lax with your young girls and then become a modesty-nazi once your baby starts developing into a young woman. If you do, I guarantee it will cause all sorts of chaos!

So what exactly is modest swimwear for young girls? Well, there is no clear cut answer for that in my opinion.

Here are some of the basic rules/guidelines that we follow to make it through the warm weather with our sanity and dignity intact:

  • No bikinis – long tankini tops paired with bermuda shorts or capris are ok
  • No underwear style bottoms – unless covered with bermuda shorts or capris, even with one piece swimsuits 
  • Shorts are at least fingertip length
  • No exposed belly or midriff area
  • Must be comfortable, able to run and play with ease and without any wardrobe malfunctions
  • The same rules apply for momma

A really easy way to explain the rules to young girls is like this: you wouldn’t walk around outside in your underwear and a bra, so we don’t wear tiny bathing suits that only cover that much skin.

Another benefit to wearing bermuda shorts and capri style swimsuits is they keep you from getting a sand rash at the beach. Many of you mommas know that having thicker thighs can be a pain – especially when you add sand into the normal skin chafing problem. It’s not something I want my babies to have to go through.

In fact, my daughter Miss C did have this happen when she was three. We went to visit Mamaw and Poppop in South Carolina and she had a cute one piece suit that I covered with an equally cute sundress. The problem was that her adorable chubby little legs rubbed raw and she couldn’t walk for two whole days! This momma vowed to not make that mistake again!

Check out these cute and modest girls swim suits:

1 – Tuga Girls Short Sleeve Rash Guard Swim Shirt 

This cute rash guard shirt comes in a bunch of fun colors and provides great skin coverage as well as sun protection!

2 – KABETY Girls Tankini Swimsuit 

I love the athletic style tank top of this set. Although I’m not a fan of the boyshort bottoms, they are definitely better than other bikini styles. You can easily make this better by adding in a pair of boardshorts!

3 – TFJH Girls’ Rashguard Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit

A great find for fair skinned girls! This long sleeve one piece offers protection from the sun, and it has a front zip closure to make those mid-swim bathroom trips easier! Add a pair of boardshorts and you have the perfect swim outfit!

4 – Tuga Girls Swim Jammer Shorts 

Perfectly paired with number one on the list, it is also a great addition to solid color one piece swimsuits!

5 – O’Neill Big Girls’ Tiller Capri Swim Bottoms

These run a little higher in price, but they are top quality! O’Neill is a favorite in the beach communities and you’ll see why with these durable capri length swim bottoms!

6 – Land’s End Girls Racerback One Piece Swimsuit

Another quality name brand choice offers a classy one piece suit with comfortable coverage! Your daughter will be able to run and play without worrying about shoulder straps falling down. Pair with boardshorts for bottoms.

7 – UV Skinz UPF 50+ Swim and Play Jammers Swim Shorts 

Cute colors and the perfect length!

8 – Coolibar UPF 50+ Kids’ Wave Swim Shorts Coolibar also has a capri length swim pants, find them here:

Whether you pick the shorts or capri length bottoms from Coolibar, you will be happy with the quality and coverage they offer (add in the UPF protection and you have the perfect bottoms)!

9 – BELLOO One Piece Swimsuit

I love the thicker straps and cute prints on these! Pair with board shorts or Coolibar bottoms and you’re set for summer fun!

With all of these cute – and modest – suits you can stop having to cover up a revealing bathing suit with a baggy shirt! You and your daughter will be able to confidently enjoy summer!


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