Modest Swimsuits For Women

Modest Swimsuits For Women

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, I am able to collect a commission if you make a purchase through the link. I only include links for products that me and my family actually use and endorse. 

This is by no means a mom shaming or body shaming post… it is simply my personal take on Christian modesty for women during swimsuit season.

Modesty is not being ashamed of your body, but being mindful of how you present yourself.

For me that means keeping parts of my body that are meant for my hubby’s eyes only exactly that way. God made our bodies for our spouses. Period.

It’s also fair to say that as a, eh-hem “thick” woman, I am not too keen on the idea of airing out my pasty rolls for everyone to see…

Not to mention the totally uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, fact that my thighs cause enough friction to start a small fire…

So, what’s a momma to do?

Here are the basic rules that I follow when it comes to swimsuits (and you’ll see that they are the same for my daughter):

  • No bikinis – long tankini with capri bottoms are ok
  • No underwear style bottoms – unless covered with bermuda shorts or capris, even with one piece suits
  • No exposed belly or midriff area
  • No plunging neckline/limited cleavage exposure
  • Must be comfortable – able to run after the kids with ease (and without any wardrobe malfunctions!)

If you wouldn’t go out in public in just your underwear and bra, why is it okay for you to walk around in a swimsuit that covers the same amount (or less!) of skin?! Silly double standards…

Check out these cute and modest (yes you can have both!) swimsuits:

1 – ENLACHIC Women Blue Stripe Swim Capris Tankini Swimsuit (set) 

This is my idea of a perfect swimsuit! I love the length of the capri bottoms and the coverage of the tank. I can chase after my mini-mes and not have to worry about a major wardrobe malfunction.

2 – ENLACHIC Women Zipper Front Swim Capris Tankini Swimsuit (set)

Comfortable coverage with the capri bottoms and great support from the zipper front tank. (I would zip the top all the way up, but that totally your prerogative!)

3 – ENLACHIC Women Bermuda Short Swim Tankini Swimsuit (set) 

This set features a tank with full coverage and bermuda length shorts. Great coverage and protection from thigh chafing!

4 – Lalagen Women’s Capris Tankini Athletic Swimwear (set) 

A full coverage tank paired with bermuda length shorts. This set has a fun striped print and offers comfortable coverage!

5 – FanShou Women Capris Swim Pants (bottom only) 

Capris and a skirt… What more could you ask for?! This bottom is a cute, and feminine, addition to any swim outfit!

6 – Firpearl Women’s Drawstring Swim Shorts UPF50+ (bottom only) 

These drawstrings fall right above the knee and offer great thigh coverage and protection!

7 – Wantdo Women’s Swim Dress 

A cute and feminine swim dress is a must for your summer wardrobe! This flowing swim dress is cute and comfy. You can pair it with a pair of the drawstring shorts from above for a little thigh protection/coverage!

8 – Aleumdr Womens V Neck Color Block Printed Racerback Tankini Swim Top (top only) 

I know this picture is not the best example for a modesty post… but I know ya’all aren’t walking around like this, so we’re good!

This is just the tank top, and it is a sensible choice with good coverage – and you gotta love the pink trim!

9 – Jersri Women Strappy Racerback Tankini Swim Tops (top only) 

Again, bear with me on the lack of modesty in the image…

The top has full coverage and thick straps, allowing you to move around comfortably and confidently!

If you are looking for more on being modest in today’s not so modest world… be sure to check out my post on Modesty For Today’s Mom!

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