A stay at home mom providing for the heart and home!

A stay at home mom providing for the heart and home!

Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule

Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule

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When I tell people that I am a stay at home mom they usually respond one of three ways. One, oh my gosh I could never be at home with my kids all day long. Two, I wish I could be home with my kids! Or three, what do you do all day?

What do I do all day?

That’s actually a great question, because I really struggled with that when I started my journey as a stay at home mom. If you are just joining The Industrious Momma, let me fill ya in. We had our first child in 2012, and pretty much as soon as Miss C was born my hubby and I knew that I wouldn’t be going back to work. My family became my work – and it’s the best career I could have ever asked for! In fact, I loved the stay at home mom life so much that we decided to take things a step further and become a homeschooling family

But back on topic… Initially, I had no routine and no daily/weekly goals… and that drove me crazy! I quickly learned that the key to keeping it together as a stay at home mom is to set yourself up with a mom schedule.

So I started going through Pinterest and Google to see how other mommas were taking control of their day. It was obvious that that the successful mommas were taking their home careers as seriously as they would careers outside the home. I followed their lead and laid out my own mom schedule!

Now I can’t tell you that my mom schedule will definitely work for you… maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But I encourage you to at least use it as a guideline to build your own mom schedule and rock your days as a stay at home momma!

Keep with me to the end to grab your FREE printable mom schedule!

My Mom Schedule Breakdown

My hubby, Big L, (finally) works a steady first shift from 7 am to 3:30 pm,  Monday through Friday. So my weekdays days are built on the pillars of his schedule – from the time he gets up time to the time he gets home from work. But don’t let that fool you… there’s a lot of life packed in between those times!

I’ll break it down to four essential blocks of time throughout the day:

Block 1 – Quiet Time

This is my only kid free time of the day. Which is a blessing, because saying “I’m not a morning person” is an understatement. I despise mornings.

What to expect during this block:

  • I wake up with Big L and prep his lunch for the day. Can he do this on his own? Yes. But we both enjoy our time together in the mornings!
  • I’ll pick up any out of place toys from the night before and put the dinner dishes away.
  • I take full advantage of the quiet and read my Bible. It can be an actual Bible study or just my First 5 daily reading – but it’s essential to the success of the rest of my day!
  • If I’ve managed to get all of that done without one of my wee ones creeping out of bed, I will work on my blog. 

Block 2 – Homeschool Time

My kids wake up at the tail-end of Block 1. Somehow they both take after their dad and are early risers. Just wait until they are teenagers and they want to sleep… momma will be waking them up bright and early!

What to expect during this block:

  • Breakfast for the kiddos (I don’t eat until 11:30 am – see more on my weight loss success here)
  • The kids and I get ready for the day (and I toss on my apron!)
  • Morning chores – I do a load of laundry and one upstairs chore and the kids both help (age appropriate expectations of course)
  • School work – Miss C and I work on her elementary school work
  • Educational play – Bubby (my toddler) goes back and forth between a structured/educational playtime and an educational show (real life here mommas – no shame in my game)
  • Outside play/free play 

Block 3 – Free time

At this point I can take a deep breath! We are at the midpoint of our day, and everyone (hopefully) has all of their fingers and toes intact!

What to expect during this block:

  • Lunch time
  • Naptime – Yes, both of my kiddos still nap, and they will continue to do so until they stop turning into crazy little minions come midday. 
  • Quiet play 
  • Afternoon chores – I will do another load of laundry and one downstairs chore, and the kids will help. 
  • Creative play/outside play
  • Dinner prep – and I get a snack ready for when Big L gets home from work

Block 4 – Family Time

Family time is one of the best times of the day. Big L gets home from work and we sit down to eat as a family. This is a time for us all to catch up on each others days and relax together.

What to expect during this block:

  • Mom makes and cleans up dinner (kids help with clean up)
  • Family TV time
  • Outside play/free play
  • (more) laundry and clean up downstairs
  • Bedtime routine

Things that will affect our schedule:

  • Weather – sun days not snow days
  • Dad having a weekend day off
  • School breaks – year round schooling w/ about 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off
  • Babysitting – will shift school work to start earlier in the morning
  • Mental health days – like an in-service day for public school kids

I’ve broken my mom schedule down even further, to give you my hour by hour mom schedule. I have one schedule for Winter and one that I use for the other three seasons. (Winter is a slightly different schedule because our outside playtime is limited here during the cold PA winters.)

Grab your printable Winter mom schedule HERE!

Grab your Spring/Summer/Fall mom schedule HERE!

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