Why Moms Should Still Wear Aprons

Why Moms Should Still Wear Aprons

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My hubby and I have this long running joke… we ask each other at what age we will start doing things. It’s kind of like a people watching game – the problem is that we are slowly turning into the people we joke about. I’ll give you some examples:

At what age do you go out to eat with coupons?

At what age do you start yelling at the neighborhood kids for walking on your grass?

At what age will I start getting the same haircut as my husband? We’ve all seen sweet Betty and Lou with matching crew cuts. Fortunately I still like my long hair, so this one isn’t us… yet.

At what age will we start wearing matching sweatpant outfits? We already have matching hoodies, so this one must start slowly…

When do you start going to bed before 8 p.m.? My neighbors will vouch that we go to bed ridiculously early…

At what age will I start wearing an aprons all day? Apparently the answer to this one is 31… and I wish it had happened sooner! Why? Because I feel like super mom when I wear my apron.

I think aprons need to make a comeback – every mom should be rockin’ one! You think I’m crazy? Let me explain…

Aprons Protect Your Clothes

As a mom I don’t get to buy myself clothes very often. And that’s not meant as a complaint, it’s simply a fact. Living on a single income means there are things that are higher on the bill totem pole than a new wardrobe for momma (and pappa). So I like to make my clothes last as long as possible – which is a challenge for someone like me who is messy in the kitchen.

That’s where the apron comes in. I slip my apron on (I call it my smock) and suddenly it’s okay if I slop some sauce on myself, or if the baby slobbers on my shoulder, or if I break an egg in my smock pocket (really happened… don’t ask).

Aprons Fight The Frumpies

As a stay at home mom it may be tempting to stay in your jammies. I mean, you don’t plan on leaving the house or interacting with society for the day, so why bother? Because your husband – that’s why.

Just think about that for a second – we are more likely to make sure we are put together for people outside our home instead of for our husbands. This is not they way God wants us to prioritize our appearance.

As a Christian wife and mom I strive to model my actions after the Proverbs wife (as I know many of you do as well). Proverbs 31: 22 tells us that a wife is to dress “in fine linen and purple gowns”. That doesn’t mean that you are to spend a large amount of money on your clothes, it simply means that as a wife you are to put thought and care into your appearance. Simply put: be intentional!

Just as the Proverbs wife is intentional in her work, she should also be intentional with her appearance – for her husband and herself.

Aprons Keep You Lookin’ Good

I love sitting and chatting with my husband’s grandmother. We were sitting chatting one Saturday afternoon and we were talking about being home with the kids all day. I said how much more productive I feel when I actually get dressed in the mornings (don’t judge – it feels silly even typing that). She said that not getting dressed was never an option for her. You were to always look presentable. Grandmom’s rule: get up, make your bed, and get dressed every day. And yes, even at 93 Grandmom still gets dressed in her dress slacks and a blouse every day… and of course her smock! So if Grandmom can hold it all together, so can I… and so can you momma!

I get dressed every morning and put my smock on. It’s just what I do. The apron keeps my clothes clean throughout the day and makes it easier to freshen up before Big L gets home from work. All I need to do is make sure my hair isn’t a hot mess and maybe give myself a spritz of perfume (and toss on a little eyeliner if I’m feeling really ambitious). Why all the fuss? Long story short, I want my husband to come home to a presentable house and wife

So what does all that have to do with wearing an apron?

The apron is an intentional part of your outfit – it’s a shield. It’s there to keep you looking presentable for unexpected company, and more importantly for your husband.

Aprons Set The Mood 

Bow-chicka-bowwow… just kidding! I’m not talking about that mood. I am talking about a working mood, or should I say an industrious mood…

Studies have shown that uniforms are beneficial in the workforce, and the same is true for in the home. I’m not saying that we should walk around in matching polo shirts or anything silly like that. Just that an apron is like a momma’s uniform.

When I put my smock on I subconsciously set myself into work mode (coffee helps too). And because of that mentality I feel like I am more productive in my housework and more likely to complete my daily to-do list.

If the apron is on then everyone knows momma means business.

Why Wear An Apron?… because pockets!

I am constantly picking things up from the floor, the couch, my kid’s hair… and what do I do with said things? I put them on the counter only to be moved again later.

My solution to this crazy cycle is an apron with pockets. That’s why I love my smock. It not only covers most of my shirt, but it also has two big pockets. And those pockets are my sanity saver!

Found a hair tie? Put it in my pocket.

Stepped on a lego? Mumble under my breath… and put it in my pocket.

Then to keep from having pockets full of shtuff, I simply put the found pieces in their home as I go through the house.

My housekeeping mantra is clean as you go! Otherwise my house quickly fall into chaos.

Honest Momma Moment: what’s in my apron pockets?

  • 3 Rubber bands
  • 1 spool of thread
  • 1 Shopkin 
  • 2 Legos
  • 1 boogie rag (ick)
  • 2 Post-it notes – one with meal ideas and the other with lesson plan ideas for next week
  • 1 Matchbox car w/ a missing wheel
  • ½ an eraser (Bubby might have eaten the other half)

Most of these little bobbits attempted to embed themselves in my foot at one point or another, so they are lucky they didn’t end up in the trash… just sayin’. Who am I kidding, I’m too cheap to toss anything out.

Pick A Style, Any Style

There are so many different styles of aprons to choose from. I am partial to Grandma’s smock style. It covers almost my entire shirt, it’s loose fitting, and it has deep pockets. On the other hand, I despise traditional apron styles. Don’t get me wrong, they have some super adorable prints. I think it’s my years of working in a kitchen that make me turn away from them.

So all you have to do is find a style that works for you and your body type. Then… rock your apron everyday!

My Top 3 Apron Picks:

Grandma’s smock apron:

Retro Tieback Apron:

Half apron:

Even my daughter loves wearing my smock, and can’t wait to get her own!

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